The original hip web designer who branded and pioneered big illustrative girly boutique storefronts back in 2000 that continue to be the latest trend in boutique web design.


The seasons kept the kids indoors for long periods, but Mom kept us busy with arts and crafts projects all year long, and creative play that didn't require toys because we could not afford them. Young and undecided, when it came time for college, I went to to nursing school and became a RN. I took this opportunity to travel with it, and enjoyed practicing for a very long time. In 2000, I decided life was too short , and it was time for a career change.  I pursued my passion in the arts taking graphic design at a local college while keeping my job as a nurse. Eventually, I switched to web design taking the first certification courses offered in town before it went mainstream. As a school assignment, I designed and launched a small e-commerce boutique where I sold and made hair accessories and jewelry. Although the boutique was successful, it was not my true passion and my career took a turn when My Retro Baby contacted me to ask who was the web designer who created my jewelry site. That was the beginning of Cgonsa Web Design services, pioneering big illustrative storefronts and brand identity that could not be forgotten. Everyone wanted it, waiting lists extended over a year out, and boutique web designers all over the world followed the trend.


Oh so many web designers to choose from - why should you choose Cgonsa?  

Unique to you, made to order professionally illustrated websites that you can easily update yourself with no experience.
 We'll Design a website that mimics the look and feel of your brick and mortar store and brand.
Maintain industry professional and ethical standards.
♥ Illustration is vector art and it can be carried over to use with print or most any other medium you need!
Generally, start to finish your site will be done within a month. You are not in a cue with a dozen others. I work one website at a time, working solely on your web design project. Highest quality maintained!
I believe your success is my success. I don't abandon you after turnover. I nuture and mentor you with online tutoring and am available to you quickly via email thereafter.  When you succeed then I do too.  There are many talented web designers out there but, if you are abandoned and unable to manage your own website, your site will be a waste of our hard earned money.
Producing award winning websites that are remembered long after the customer leaves.
The DETAILS, there is no shortage here. Cgonsa web designs are abundantly filled with unique touches, memorable branding your competition won't have.
My fabulous art style adapts to enhance your brand and sell your product. I create with you in mind.
I work with you in the development of your site, every step of the way.
My price is all inclusive.  There are no hidden secrets. I lay it all out on the table.
Using a state of the art database driven licensed shopping catalog, fully loaded with ongoing updates you can grow with, and it is one of the most user friendly platforms available.
I am trained, schooled, specialized, experienced, and a full-time professional certified web designer with no priorities more important than your project! I have been doing this since 2000, the original hip boutique web designer. This is not a hobby, it is my profession. I love it and I am passionate about what I do!


Please browse my customer testimonials to hear what clients are saying... isn't that what matters?