These are the most commonly asked questions but when you email us we can talk about everything else!
What are the additional fees I may incur? 
♥Domain name purchase - cost varies. Recommend: GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Your fees are usually yearly.
♥Hosting  varies $5-9/month.
♥SSL (optional) - varies around $49 per year
♥Dedicated IP for ssl (optional) - varies around 2.50/month
♥Payment Processor and/or Gateway -varies, see below for compatible merchants
♥The cost of your Font used in Art - buttons, logo, etc. - free to typically $20-40. This would be a one time fee.
Should I set up hosting before finding my web desginer?
No, it is best not to and here is why. Your designer knows the hosting requirements that are compatible with your shopping catalog or CMS (content management system). He/She will most likely want to guide you with this. In addition, the hosting panel must be familiar, and easy to get around for your designer. Most of us work with a specific type of hosting control panel that uses cPanel. But you don't have to worry about this when on board with me. I will provide you step by step instructions when the timing is right.
What does a website cost?
Ecommerce typically runs from $3800 on up. Informational business typically runs around $2800 on up.
Do I pay you a monthly fee?
No, you do not pay me any monthly charges. You are taught to maintain your own website so there is no reason to pay me monthly maintenance fees.  All accounts are setup in your name not mine too. This is so your business is always in your control. You will only incur charges from me if you seek or need additional customizing, coding, print work, upgrades, things beyond our agreement together, etc. 
What are the payments and when are they do?
Payment 1: 25% is due to hold your spot on the waiting list. 
Payment 2:  50% of the total is due to start your project, about 2 weeks prior to start date.
Payment 3: The remaining is due when you approve your layout and design, prior to installation of the art into the software. This is ~2-3 weeks after we start.
Cgonsa accepts cashiers checks or money orders. The first payment may be made with a business check or personal check. All monies are non refundable. Monies must be submitted timely, there are no exceptions. Breach in contract due to late payments, bounced checks, is subject to cancellation of project without refund.
How can we communicate?
I prefer to communicate via e-mail. This allows us to keep an accurate record of what was discussed and gives us documentation to refer back to throughout the design process and for many years to come.  We do speak by phone during the teaching session, and if you wish we can have one meet and greet phone call before you commit with us. Other phone communications are granted on a case by case basis.
How do I get started?
After you have looked over our Getting Started information. Please e-mail me and let me know your project type, informational business, ecommerce or other, your business name, domain name, your name, and any specific details you want to tell us about your project and needs.
How do I communicate my dream to you?
Once you send your deposit with the signed terms of agreement, I will send you the design survey. I ask many questions which in the end paints a very clear picture of what you want.
Do you have a waiting list?
Generally we do have a waiting list. We only are able to fit in 1-2 projects a month. We are only working on your project and not a dozen others. This maintains our focus and the quality of our services. We are fully dedicated to you. A deposit of 25% will hold your spot on the waiting list
How long does the process take to build my website?
I have finished in 2 weeks but usually it takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks. It relies on us working together smoothly per the terms of agreement and web design process.
How often will you need me during the design process?
You will need to be available daily in the beginning for a few days, and then daily again when we are previewing and revising the design and layout. We will need you more too, but it is not as crucial in getting back that day.  We do expect you to be available by email to answer questions daily if needed, but it won’t amount to that.
I have my own logo. Will you work with it and is there any discount? 
Yes, I will work with it provided it meets the criteria below. There usually is not a discount though, and here is why. It is often more difficult for me creatively to work with your art and create your website around this. However, you are welcome to submit it to me so I can determine if it is something I can apply a discount towards.
If you come on board with your own logo, I will need:
a.) Proof of written copyright or permission to use by the original artist.
For permission to use only (without copyright transfer, aka TOC), a statement of terms to include ability to manipulate (take apart, change, size etc.) the art anyway deemed necessary to create your website is required  by the original artist who owns copyright.
b.) Original vector files in .ai or .eps format.
c.) Submission of art file and artist name/contact ahead of time for consideration.