Responsive Informational Business

Responsive Informational Business
Informational Business Website
Starting at $2800.00

- What's Included -
1.) Getting Started - I will assist you with the following services.
♥To help assist you with your domain name purchase
♥Compatible hosting setup
♥Domain emails
♥SSL (optional)
♥Dedicated IP for SSL (optional)
♥Design survey
♥Branding consult if desired
♥Font selection consult
♥Color scheme and swatch selections consult
*All accounts are setup in your name and are in your complete control. We do not host your site, and have no affiliation with the host. This is very important!.
2.) Programming-Coding-Testing
♥Installation Wordpress, frame, and theme if applicable
♥Completely customize your design or personalize a theme a little or a lot.
♥Installation up to 6 free plugins 
♥Installation up to 10 free widgets
♥Home page slider if desired
♥Gallery page
♥Contact form or other
♥Responsive Design
♥Testing for popular cross browser compatibility and resolution variances.
♥Validation of CSS files with W3C.
3.) Art - Illustration - Branding
♥All Illustration and art prep done in vector format. 
*Custom illustration is in vector format. This is the best application to prepare files for any medium including special print finishes. We use the industry-standard, Adobe Illustrator. Your art will be cross-compatible for print and other mediums. Photoshop art is not cross compatible or scaleable without loss of quality. Vector art is produced by a professional and this is what you are getting. The best of the best!
♥Layout and design of up to 6 pages + home page
♥Custom Logo design. Text, Symbol, Decorative, Combination type logo. This is a non-character or scene design. Up to 3 concepts and 3 revisions. You will be provided a high resoluton flat file for your small print stationery needs.
♥Buttons and/or css navigation
♥Category headers if desired
♥Online Banner
♥Background graphic/s
♥Facebook Icon or Cover. Typically it is the icon and the cover is a product photo that changes.
- Popular Add On Options -
♥Matching Branding for other Third Parties, Twitter , Ebay, Etsy, etc
♥Cgonsa signature look a like characters - characters of any type human or non.
♥Cgonsa signature illustrative boutique scene with your products custom illustrated, or other scene.  Very detailed or simple. 
♥Animation of art  
♥Copyright purchase and original files for logo which is Text, Symbol, Decorative, Combination type based. Not an option if logo includes cgonsa characters or scenes as no copyright turnover is offered for this. You may be provided a modified option in these cases.
4.) Print
♥Matching business card layout
♥Logo provided high resolution for your self serve small print needs
5.) SEO and Social Media
♥SEO friendly site
♥Integration Google Analytics
♥Integration Google Sitemaps
♥Integration Social Media Tools.
*please note that these may count towards plugins included
6.) Teaching and Support
♥Online teaching conference and phone session for use of backend of Wordpress
♥Free dedicated email support for 90 days after teaching, turnover, or my completion date if teaching is not scheduled timely.
*Thereafter, email support for questions not found in available help manuals or online resource is free provided the complexity and time involved is minimal. Technical support or programming is not included. Email support may incur a charge depending on complexity, frequency, and type. You would always be notified prior. 

 --------------- Does not include ---------------

Does not include data entry of keywords or meta-descriptions. Does not include the development of literary content. Does not include website maintenance. Does not include the cost of hosts, merchant accounts, or other third party providers. Does not includes function outside of what we agree to in writing. Does not include animation. Does not include purchase of fonts. Does not include purchase of stock illustration or images. Does not include copyright purchase or turnover (cgonsa retains copyright  to her art/design). Does not include installation, setup, or design services required for upgrades, required patches, or any updates to the system. Does not include any costs associated with custom coding function or installation of modules or extensions not provided with the default installation of the content management system. Does not include costs of printing. Does not include customer service by telephone. Does not include working with third parties. Does not include Add Ons and function that are additional cost or anything outside of what our contract together states.