The Process

The Process
Step 1 - Planning and Defining - Pre Design
We correspond back and forth with emails initially to document our unique agreement, and once this is settled a licensing contract is sent for signature. A 25% deposit is received to hold your spot on the waiting list. Your spot and notification is solidified based on a first come first served basis on when monies are received.

A design questionnaire is sent to you asking a series of questions which will ultimately define the look and feel of your website and teach me everything I need to know about your website dreams and business.
For E-commerce sites, now you can start working on prepping your images and item content so you are prepared to go when Step 3 rolls around.
Step 2 - Development - Design and layout.
An additional, 25% of total is due and Questionnaire 1-2 weeks prior to start date.
We start off establishing a fun and fabulous color scheme, select a font, and move on to the logo/branding, illustrative scene, and character. From there the layout of your sites web pages is fluently derived. You will view a graphical presentation for your final input on layout and design.
After the layout and design is finalized the remaining monies are due without delay. Monies should be in order and ready to deliver when you come on board. A past due date as per our written contract is subject to breach in contract, cancellation of project without refund.
I move on to coding your design and layout, installing, and customizing your shopping catalog, followed by testing and tweaking.
During all this time you receive tasks and guided instruction via email to complete account setups and provide various information as I need it.
The process does not stagnate, it should take a few weeks from beginning to end and we must keep moving to accomplish goals, and stay on target for other contractual obligations right behind yours. Clients must be available to answer questions a minimum of daily.
Step 3 - Teaching/Turnover
We setup up an appointment for your foundation teaching and orientation to your shopping catalog/content management system admin. This is done using one online teaching session followed by email support generally within one week from me finishing your website.
Upon teaching you can start adding your inventory, tweaking your categories, and finalizing the text content of your website.
You run test orders learning the function of checkout, gift certificates, wishlists, user registration, processing orders. You become comfortable, knowing what things do and where things are by being totally nosy with all aspects of your administration interface.
It is expected the majority of your questions be asked within the first few weeks of teaching and this is when I monitor your progress closely providing you feedback.  Testing should be complete within two weeks and any problems reported within this time. 
Step 4 - Printables
I get your input and start working on any print items you need to have ready for launch. We use the art from your website so everything matches.
Step 5 - Launch! Your site goes live.
You should be prepared to go live within 45 days of teaching for e-commerce.  I will finish up any loose ends, launch your website, and submit your sitemaps. After this, I don’t abandon you. I am still available to answer questions via email and per our contract and agreement. Please note that fees may apply depending on the complexity of the question. Informational sites are launched as soon as I am finished and/or after your teaching/turnover session.