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Cgonsa web design cranks out girly websites one after another.  There is a sudden craze for this what exactly is a girly web design?


Girly is a feminine style associated with all the things girls love to do, wear, look at, look like, idolize, and must-have.  Girly web design strikes a mood, and captivates its audience. Girly color pallettes and illustrated scenes paint subliminal girly messages. Girly girls love pink and have a fetish for coordinating and matching just about everything. Girly things are addictive.  You see a girly website and it is a must-have.


Girly comes in all kinds of patterns and can be floral, stripes, polk-a-dots, shapes, scrolls and decorative elements. The color pallette of a girly website has a wow factor, and often times solids are mixed with layered coordinating prints. 


Girly girls love to incorporate characters into their site that represent themselves or someone they know.  A girly web design is unique, original, boutique like, trendsetting, and produces a buzz and chatter amongst others.


How girly are you?  We can all guess by how much you flaunt it through your website, and how much you shop online of course. Girly is fashionable, fun, hip, hot, and a favorite new style amongst my clients.


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