Premade Templates


 - Advantages and Disadvantages Premade templates-


Premade templates/art provide ready made alternatives you can buy without the wait. It is commonly the solution for anyone in a hurry or on a real tight budget. There are some lovely original ones out there that often come to be because someone has rejected the web design. Rather than throw the design out the web designer puts it back on the market. It can be a wonderful affordable alternative, and a great stepping stone for you.



Some drawbacks of pre-made templates is they may be sold more than once so yours won't be the only one out there confusing your identity with someone else. Sometimes ready mades are labeled  "OOAK websites" and this is suppose to mean original one-of-a-kind meaning they will only be sold once, to you.  This is the best solution for a pre-made if.... you can be sure it is not a knockoff! More and more common pre-made templates are a knock-off of another designers work for a client. Knockoffs rob someone else of their dream, often confusing identities (its too close as a whole!), may even cross the line of copyright infringement, and if nothing else it cheapens the website, and is unethical. There is also a term non exclusive designs or art which means the art is reproduced and sold more than once. The label limited edition refers to art or designs that are sold only so many times. This is a better option than non exclusive but OOAk is still the best option if you have found a designer who is a professional with professional standards to buy from.


If you are about to make the plunge and purchase a premade template, do your homework to ensure you are working with a designer who is professional and you know what you are getting. Ask some questions about how this template came to be and whether it will be sold more than once. 


©2006 Cathy Gonsalves