content management system


I develop your site with a Content Management System (CMS) that supports the creation, management, publishing and archiving done right through your browser based editor. You can publish virtually any kind of web content. You will have complete control over the presentation and the interactivity of your site. You will be able to update your website right through your browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc...) 

No experience or knowledge needed. Gone are the days of inefficiency, need to know html, Frontpage or Dreamweaver! CMS gives you the ability to maintain your own website and grow with ease. Completely database driven!


Summary ...Advantages of using a Do-It-Yourself Content Management System


1.) Create and manage complex websites easily without knowledge of html


2.) Cost effective to maintain and manage by automating the process.  Changes are made automatically across the site instead of page by page.


3.) Efficient! write, edit, add your products and publish in minutes. Manage large amounts of information efficiently and easily. Change content whenever and however you want instantly and always be up-to-date!


4.) Control when your content goes live, today, tomorrow, next week... you name it.


5.) You can stay organized retrieving and searching, archiving and reusing data because your site is database driven.


6.) Room for growth...being database driven, growing is easy.


7.) Manage your e-commerce business in one place from merchant account, to shipping, to invoicing, promotions, user accounts to even sales reports.