Boy Crazy Boutique - web design

Boy Crazy Boutique - web design

Boy Crazy Boutique

Blinging out the Girlie girl in you!

Rhonda has a fabulous sense of fashion and style and her merchandise picks sure shows it off. She had been selling at craft fairs, a local boutique, off facebook, and by appointment from her home for a year and half and it was time to take the next step. She wanted a website that was girlie, blingie, feminine, shabby chic, and unique.  She wante to mix and match prints, stripes, polkadots, damask,leopard, and zebra. She loves boa's and furs, scrolls, and swoopy designs. She loves just about everything that is my signature style so we make a perfect fit.



Candids from Rhonda

"Super cute! Love it!!! I'll give you more feedback later!"

"I love her too!! You made her look hot! Heehee! Thanks you did a great job! Thanks for changing it million times for me!"


Cathy thank you so much for letting your creative genius come out and work on my project!  Before I contacted you I had researched lots of web designers. None of them could provide what I wanted. As you know, I even began the process with other web designers previously. I was extremely frustrated! Basically, others suggested a canned layout where I would plug my items and pictures in. What I  wanted was a totally custom, artistically driven, very functional website.  Then I came across your website and was in love!  : )

Thanks for pulling thoughts out of my head and matching them with your imaginative and original concepts. We both know that wasn’t easy! I knew what I wanted, but I had such a hard time explaining it. We had some frustrating times and I had no idea how much work and time goes into building something like this. But just look at how beautiful it looks now! I appreciate you not giving up on me!!

The training I received was awesome! And have already put it to good use! I have learned a lot along this path and still have tons to do to continue adding, uploading and promoting my site. I plan on working toward that more near the end of summer.

Thank you again for my beautiful website! You are very talented and definitely found your knack! 

Awesome job! I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you!

Rhonda Kirby
Boy Crazy Boutique

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