It's Your Party! - web design

It's Your Party! - web design

It's Your Party! - Amy has an event planning company in the Boston area. Amy wanted to redesign her website to be search engine friendly, be self manageable, and to coordinate with her new logo, color scheme, and feel.

Preview/Feedback: "Thank you SO much - it looks fantastic!!!!"


"For a long time, I have been a great admirer of Cathy’s incredible artistic and design talents.  I would often peruse her website, just to check out her beautiful work and look at the new websites she had designed.  As I realized that my Event Planning website needed to be updated – both for optimization purposes as well as for a new ‘look’ - I was so excited to turn to Cathy to do the work.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to have Cathy re-do my website!  After a few brief, easy conversations, Cathy was able to take my thoughts, ideas and descriptions and translate them into a gorgeous, detailed and cohesive look, which so suitably reflects the feel and tone of my business.  Cathy worked promptly and swiftly, and I absolutely love the new website that created!"

Amy Goldman
Executive Event Planner and Owner of It’s Your Party!

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