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Retro Jane - web design



Tammy carries unique glamourously chic clothing  that are modish, flirty, glitzy and retro.

Tammy wanted a e-commerce cart that was easy for her to use and update.  She wanted her site design to remain as close as possible to her current retro vintage style. Tammy actually had two layouts. One for the content pages and landing page, and one for the shopping cart.  We sorta combined them both creating a design that was easiest to integrate with the function of her new shopping catalog and made for a fluent site. We jazzed up some things with a little animation, added a retro bird (inspired by a vintage ad from the 1950's), gave her a blog, a newsletter, and voila a perfect little makeover project has just been complete! 


Date: 2/5/2008 11:18:02 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Back in 04' I had a dream to launch my own vintage clothing website. So, I
found an awesome web designer, unfortunately not Cathy, who designed my
very cool retro site. Unfortunately, my e-commerce store wasn't so cool.
The back end was not easy to manage or upload merchandise among other
things. Frustrated, I set out to find a web designer who could help me
re-design my store.

I was very fond of the site,, which Cathy designed and
decided to contact her. I thought she would be resistant in assisting me
because after all, I didn't want a new site but rather a new e-commerce

What Cathy added to the site was truely amazing!She gave it a fresh face
lift! She is a perfectionist that doesn't stop till all  parties are
satisfied!She is especially great with attention to detail! She does an
amazing job of thoroughly answering your questions and concerns and I love
the fact that I can manage every aspect of the site myself.

I would highly recommend Cathy to everyone!She is an investment well spent!

Wouldn't you know, my husband loved my site so much he is having his web
site designed soon!!!!

Thanks a million!

Tammy Williams