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 *In 2010, Grace Amore changed her name to Shop Rebecca Calagna which prompted a mini facelift. The old is seen by clicking on the link above.


Grace Amore, Invitation and favor boutique. Specializing in wedding.
Rebecca wanted the cgonsa signature style items that included chandeliers, awnings, wrought iron, drapes, gift boxes, scalloped edges different patterned backgrounds, black and white floors, street lamps, shutters, tiffany bows so we gave it all too her! Rebecca also runs a event planning company, Rebecca Calagna Events and wanted the sites to blend seamlessly and they do! Rebecca designed her beautiful logo and I worked the site to flow with it and the color scheme, trendy blue, black and gray.
♥ Preview/Feedback: "Oh I LOVE IT!"
August 1, 2007
Dear Cathy,
Your creativity, talent and expertise in web design go unparalleled. You are so wonderful at what you do and your work on Grace Amore Boutique is beyond anything I could have imagined.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the truly amazing job you did on my store. You took my suggestions and ideas in stride and created a piece of art that captures the look of Rebecca Calagna Events but with its own style and flare. I love it!
I am excited to get this website launched, and while it has been overwhelming at times, your immediate response to any and all questions, along with your guidelines and helpful tips have been so reassuring and much appreciated.
With sincere thanks for the hip and stylish website and best wishes for continued success,
Rebecca Calagna
Grace Amore
Invitation & Favor Boutique