Stork's Nest - Web design

Stork's Nest - Web design



Stork's Nest is a retail store in Pleasanton, California. It is a  Maternity, baby, and bedding boutique. The clients had a pre-existing logo and color scheme. The site theme was to be modern, chic, and fun web design.





First of all, we want to thank you for your patience through this whole process. I can't imagine how hard it is to work with 3 women owners who all have different ideas, visions, thoughts and are constantly changing things up! Not to mention, the fact that we are so naive with website and computer lingo! So thank you for your patience with our constant changes and of course, the lengh of time it took us to pull it together. We love the result! We could not have asked for a better website than the one you designed for us. In searching for our web designer, I knew we had to use you when every website we came across that we liked, your name was on the bottom! It still amazes me how different and unique all your websites can one persons mind hold so many creative ideas?? We also wanted to comment on how professional you were at all times--you were always available, always on time, always dependable. We could not have asked for anything more! So, thanks again for our beautiful site and we will be sure to refer you to anyone we know!

Thanks again,

Michelle Garcia
Lisa Murphy
Dena Westfall