Suburban Girl Gifts - web design

Suburban Girl Gifts - web design

Suburban Girl Gifts - Suburban Girl Gifts and Stuff is a chic, modern, trendy, casual, shabby boutique for the woman located in Cypress, Texas.

I initially designed Melissa's logo and business cards in time for the opening of her brick and mortar store. She needed it for her signage. After she got opened she came back to me to design her ecommerce site, which we did. However, Melissa was too busy at the moment to add her inventory so we converted it to a informational site to give her more time to load her shopping catalog.  She has a nice following on Facebook and updates frequently there with fabulous photos of new stuff so, we incorporated her Facebook wall into her site design where the shopping navigation was. It worked out perfectly!

Preview/Feedback:  I am very pleased with the site. Love it very much. Thank you!

Working with Cathy has been so easy. We had no previous experience launching a web site and she has been there to answer our questions when we needed her. She gave us great advice and we trust her. I knew in my mind what I wanted our site to look like and it came out better than I hoped. It was like Cathy knew exactly what I was thinking and put my vision into action. Cathy also designed our logo that has become an icon in our city of Cypress. We get so many compliments on the design and we are very proud of this. I plan on working with Cathy on other projects in the future.

Melissa Pontiff, Owner of Suburban Girl Gifts and Stuff.

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