Suzaluna Responsive Website

Suzaluna Responsive Website

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Suzaluna is a Opencart responsive website design with HTML5 and CSS3 Support. It is viewed with ease across a plethora of devices, handhelds, smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Not only that, it has all the latest features used for item display - layerd slideshows with animation, ability to drop html text easily over images, galleries, carousels, best sellers, featured, ebay integration, zoom product image, and more. It uses state of the art user friendly megamenu, and it even has blog integration. It really has everything to offer today's technology in responsive web design has to offer.

Suzanne came to me because she knew my work through another clients site she loved. She already had a site but wanted a makeover. Here is a screen shot of her old site.

First, Suzanne (an artist herself) and I had a tele conference to go over her ideas for the website and here are the things my notes reflect about the look and feel she desired:

owls birds, nature , birch tree background, purple sky, crescent moon logo, cute, playful, nature. Here is the inspiration Etsy url Suzanne referred me to. Birch Tree wall decal.

Further details were provided via the cgonsa design survery:

"we want one homogenous site which includes 3 portions on the front page (top, middle, bottom) artwork and illustrations would include birch trees as already submitted and incorporating our logo."

colors:  "subtle earthtones"

special features:  "All shopping cart options, pintrest/facebook/blog links, rotating new product features on front page. All letters and writingn should be in lowercase for the site. No caps needed."

Suzanne provided me her hand drawn logo and header and footer art with birch trees and animals. I recreated her art from scratch in adobe illustrator vector format so they were crisp and clean for the web, print and other mediums.

Suzanne's hand drawn on the left. On the right is the cgonsa recreation in adobe illustrator adding her chosen font and color scheme.

♥ Preview/Feedback: 

 regarding the be right back sign:
"this is soooo adoreable!!  perfect! thanks!"

 preview layout design:
"it's super cute!!  great job!!"
final product prior to release and monies due
"looks great, cathy!"
regarding the final header:
"we LOVE the latest header (i) that you sent!  it is absolutely perfect."

♥ Testimonial: 


Visit the working site: Suzaluna