Sweet Cheeks and Me! - web design

Sweet Cheeks and Me! - web design


Jill wanted a chic modern theme to her website. She wanted a boutique storefront with an upscale look and all my signature elements like light posts, french doors, awning, chandelier, touch of cheetah leopard print, loves the mix of prints.



Cathy has been invaluable to me!  She has so much knowledge that she cannot help but give you advice every step of the way.  From the organization of your catalog to shipping tips.  She also provides so many extra services that other designers won't provide without an additional fee.  I don't know how anyone could get by without those services!  While researching designers, I discovered they all want to nickel and dime you to death.  Plus, while they all claimed they could design my dream site, I just couldn't connect with any of the webs they had designed.  

I jumped in with a dream and somewhat of a vision.  I don't think anyone could have come to Cathy with less working knowledge that I did and more details than I did!  I had barely started my business when I decided to launch a website!  Combined all that with the fact that I'm an attorney!  She had her hands full, but she kept me informed, on track and focused.  She never hesitated to tell me I needed to be clearer, on more than one occasion.  She cares about the website as much as the client and does not perform work until everyone is on the same page and has the same vision.
To see some of these great details, look at my home page!  I had to put my cat to sleep after I had approved the website design.  Cathy graciously added a cat silohoutte in the window of my boutique. My daughter's name is on the wall in hanging letters.  There's a longhorn hidden on my site.  She put sayings or monograms on my products.  Even after I approved the web design she added incredible details!!  
I am so thankful I went with Cathy!          

Jill Bramlett