The MasterSuite - web design

The MasterSuite - web design

The MasterSuite  - Susan and Dick came to me because they liked the websites I had done and wanted my signature style for theirs. Susan told me, "Pajama Party Girls are fun, trendy, touch of elegance (without being stuffy). They love the men in their lives but need the grounding of their girlfriends to keep them centered." Knowing this helped design the feel for the site. She had specific ideas for the scene and character. There had to be a chandelier, a dressing table with perfume bottles, and a chaise lounge in the scene. We took fabric swatches of the pajamas and illustrated them into the design. The backgrounds in the layout and  the pajamas in the scene, resemble actual fabric patterns of pajamas they sell.


Candids from Susan Lee, Owner

"OMG!!!  You have nailed it!! I love the colors, the scene.  Party girl with just a touch of elegance.  This is soooo exciting.  Give me a little time to look it over thoroughly but we are certainly on the same page here."

" Cathy, could we go a little brighter on her lips, fingernails and toenails?  Everything looks fabulous!!  Dick will get everything else put together for you.  This is very exciting."


 “The site was an instant success.   Have only had the site up and running for a few months and it is just what I needed.  Only one customer concern given and resolved it.  The web page is exactly the colors and look we were hoping to create, our character is precisely what I was looking for – Cathy nailed it.  Great potential for my pajama internet sales.”

Dick Lee – Owner The Pajama Party by the Master Suite Company

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