The Merry Martini - web design

The Merry Martini -  web design



Kelly had a bunch of fun ideas when she came to me like color scheme, logo ideas, and the southern feel/beach  scene.
The Merry Martini is a fun gift boutique that celebrates life! It is all about entertaining and giving the perfect gift. You ought to try her award winning martini recipes too!


 ♥ Preview Feedback:  "I have been bouncing around with excitement ever since I saw it.....I love it.  It definately hit right on the feeling I was going for.  You truly took all the details I gave you into account, as well as adding some fabulous extra touches and surprises.  The martini glass is fantastic, and I love the presents and ribbon.  The product displays are great and the umbrella up front is adorable.  Your detail always amazes me."


Date: 2/8/2008 7:17:11 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

I am overwhelmed by the work and dedication Cathy has put towards making my dream a reality.  When first hunting for a web designer I really wasn’t sure what to look for.  I started searching for websites with a similar feeling to what The Merry Martini was going to be and stumbled across one of her hip designs.  It immediately stood out from the rest and I could tell that it was a perfect match.

Being an interior designer myself, I was nervous about the design process.  I appreciated the fact that Cathy involved me in each design step encouraging conversation regarding style, branding, and color.  Cathy is very detail oriented and, she took each step of the process further making every part of the website above and beyond what I had expected.  I am still finding hidden things throughout the site that make each customers visit more memorable….and I didn’t even ask for them!  

Working with Cgonsa web design has been an impressive experience.  Finding someone who is incredibly creative and equally business minded is rare.  Cathy is not only strong regarding style, but with other aspects of the site as well.  I appreciate each bit of information Cathy has given me regarding website optimization and how to make each description turn out just right. 

I have continually been impressed by the time and dedication that Cathy has put into making my site a success.  Value wise, there is no way Cathy’s designs and customer support can be beat.  I admire her work ethic and perfectionism.  After receiving the complete site, I am excited to go live. I know any success that comes from this venture will partially be due to the efforts of Cathy behind the scenes.   She truly wants each one of her customers to succeed.   

With the stylish website complete, I can’t wait to see what this year at the Merry Martini brings!

Live, love, and celebrate everything!


The Merry Martini, LLC