The Smock Exchange - web design

The Smock Exchange - web design

The Smock Exchange  - This client had almost 10,000 followers (2 combined fan sites) on Facebook prior to coming to me where she ran her new and resale business.  On the consignment side of Facebook site, she listed other people's clothes for a fee, uploaded product images to the wall, where the seller email address was listed and buyers commented "sold" with their paypal email. The seller would process (invoice, collect payment,ship). On the new side things would operate the same except since she was the lister there was no fee, and she did all the invoicing, payments and shipping herself. One busy lady on top with two little babies! She wanted to pioneer these business' to a website. The website we created could not use the out of box function for the unusual needs which were only understood and learned as I moved through the design of the site. There were no sites online doing this so we had to invent the wheel ourselves so to speak. Quite the challenge!

 The custom programming function for the resale side included :

1.) omitting the traditional checkout and creating a purchase button, when the button is clicked it pops up into a  form that collects buyers name, buyers email address, buyers paypal email address, sellers name, item name,  and code.

2.) Emails are hidden from the front side of the site which was one thing Facebook did not do.

3.) Once the item is purchased it is no longer available to buy but remains visible for a limited amount of time when the owner can mass delete items of a certain age.

4.) There is an option to request more information by form ( prior to purchase) and this was programmed to go to the seller behind the scenes.

In addition the client also had the following additional custom programming requests:

1.) There is the ability for the customer to upload resale images when purchasing the listing (she use to have to do this by email and was an extra step), and tools to manage image uploads on the backside for the adminitrator.

2.) And, the most complex addition of all...there is the ability to allow customers to opt to use up to a 3 pay installment plan (flexible payment/layaway plan) integrating Paypal with this.


"Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the character. You did a GREAT job and captured EXACTLY what I wanted from the hair and face right down to the outfit....PERFECT!!!"

"My first reaction is I LOVE IT!!!! I think we may be there!! Let me look over it for a few minutes and I will e-mail right back with the definite go ahead or not. YAY!!!"


"There are no words to describe how incredibly happy I have been with my website designed by Cathy.  I came across another site she had designed last year and her work immediately caught my eye.  Once I was ready to take the next step in my retail business, I didn’t hesitate in contacting Cgonsa to help me make that change.  Since my vision of what I wanted was a little unique and a one of a kind, I knew it was going to be a huge undertaking for her and myself.   This didn’t stop her from tackling it head on!  She handled everything I threw at her and answered ALL of my questions all while keeping me calm during the whole process…..and what a process it was!  I never knew that putting together a website would be so involved.  I know it is something that I could have never done without her help and guidance.  If you are considering starting a new web business or expanding an existing one, you do not need to look any further.  Cathy’s work is second to none and it will get you noticed!  You will not be disappointed!"