Traveling Chic - Redesign

Traveling Chic - Redesign

Traveling Chic  -

Jenny wanted a redesign. Jenny wanted different function. She wanted to be brought up to date with the technology of 2012. She wanted to keep the design super simple like before. She wanted to incorporate a Wordpress blog this time. Jenny is the first customer to try out the all new and super feature rich shopping catalog we are using. We just love how user friendly the system makes the entire process from ordering through checkout. It is so efficient! Product sliders, carousels, item zoom, grid view, list view, sort by numerous ways, add to cart from home page, return form, contact form, product review, comparison, specifications, related, best sellers, featured, specials, latest, coupons, gift voucher, wishlist, newsletter, return form, contact form, affiliate program, rewards program, ability to integrate with retail shop and quicken (*additional charge, setup). Cart and checkout pages are so organized you will love it. Category with multi level drop down and accordian view. Reports available are numerous! So many new slick features it's hard to list!  Check out the site to see it working or go here to see them all listed.  Be sure to look at category and item pages. Jenny has the affiliate program and rewards program turned off but how hot is that to be able to offer these types of things!

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Candid from Jenny

"I love it!:)"

♥ Testimonial:  

Cathy - After 5 years with my old website, the time came to upgrade my system and develop a new look for the site--there was no question that I would work with you again! I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful re-design of my website, Traveling Chic. I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out and how great the new system runs. You took the time to listen to what I wanted and worked so hard to help me create a design that was even better than what I envisioned! You held my hand along the way, giving me so many helpful hints--I couldn't be more thankful. Cathy - you are so very talented, not only with your artistic designs and graphics, but also savvy with technology. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made me one happy website owner! 

-Jenny Frederick

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